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The DRAFT Nomination Study is now available for public review!  Please select the links below to view the 4-page Executive Summary, the Nomination Study or the Appendices.

Executive Summary Brochure – May 2012

Draft Nomination Study – May 2012

Nomination Study Appendices:

Appendix 1 – Brownfield Opportunity Area Program

Appendix 2 – Study Area Project Boundary and Justification

Appendix 3 – Analysis of the Brownfield Opportunity Area

Appendix 4 – Economic and Market Trends Analysis

Appendix 5 – Strategic Sites Information

Appendix 6 – Engaging Partners and Stakeholders

Appendix 7 – Steering Committee and Public Meeting Notes

Appendix 8 – Visual Survey of Asbestos Containing and Hazardous Materials of Former Lyons Falls Paper Mill

The following maps have been created to illustrate existing conditions within the Village of Lyons Falls.   These maps use the most current Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data available.  This allows the Committee as well as the consultants to gain an understanding of trends and issues that face the community. These maps are also available in Appendix 3 – Analysis of the Brownfield Opportunity Area.

Figure 1 – BOA Study Area

Figure 2 – Land use

Figure 3 – Strategic Sites

Figure 4 – Building Inventory

Figure 5 – Land Ownership

Figure 6 – Historic Sites

Figure 7 – Transportation Systems

Figure 8 – Infrastructure Systems

Figure 9 – Natural Resources

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